Send exercise programs straight to an app!

With our new exercise App, ExorLive Go, in your clients' pocket, they have access to their exercises anywhere, anytime.
It increases motivation and improves outcomes!

Empower your clients to participate in their own health and wellness with ExorLive Go.
You get real-time statistics on your clients' exercises that allows you to provide ongoing support and ensure compliance.
The best part? With an Exorlive account, all your clients get free access to ExorLive Go.



Give your clients a better exercise experience with

  • easy access to all their exercise programs.
  • exercise videos and descriptions.
  • access anywhere, anytime.
  • history and logging of their activities and workouts.
  • better overview of their progress.


It's Easy

Send exercise programs directly to your clients' phones, tablets or laptops.
Press the 'App-icon' when you're sharing or printing an exercise program. Your client gets an email with an invitation link and creates an account with just two clicks!

Your clients can easily access ExorLive Go from their homescreen. Follow this guide and learn how ExorLive Go can be added to a phone's homescreen.

The goal is simple: to easier motivate your clients to get up and Go!

Invite new and existing clients to ExorLive Go.
Send exercise programs to one or several clients at the same time.

As a professional, you get

  • a sought after service you can provide to your clients.
  • opportunity to offer online personal training.
  • more motivated clients = more compliance and satisfaction.
  • view exercise and compliance statistics.
  • improved workflow. Your clients get instant access to the exercise program you save in ExorLive.


Brand yourself with ExorLive Go - Toolbox!

Customise your ExorLive Go app with ExorLive Go - Toolbox and create a unique in-app experience for your clients.

  • Add your own logo and colours. You can even add an optional webpage (for example your booking page)
  • Improve profitability by selling the app as an added service to your clients
  • Improve client engagement, satisfaction and loyalty

Read more about ExorLive Go - Toolbox

Manage groups of clients

  • Overview and statistics for groups, departments and individuals
  • Scalable - you can have anywhere from one to thousands of clients

This gives you

  • A system for client motivation and guidance
  • Control and overview of your client groups and organisational customers
  • Knowledge about users and their exercise goals and habits